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Collaborative Law

CollaborativeDivorce and the division of assets. Child custody and child support. All of these issues are sensitive, emotional and life-changing, and a court proceeding can further intensify the situation.

That’s why collaborative law is often the preferred approach to achieving a resolution.

Collaborative law is a process that allows two parties and their attorneys to resolve their disputes through respectful, honest and open communication without going to court. The process allows the legal teams to identify both parties’ goals and interests; gather facts; recognize potential issues; identify and evaluate options; and negotiate decisions in the best interest of the couple.

The collaborative divorce process promotes communication in a controlled environment, while providing quality legal representation and advice to both parties. It allows couples to engage in a calm, courteous discussion to complete the divorce process. The process allows couples to discuss and resolve issues regarding custody, child support and parenting time, as well as pre- and post-marital agreements.

Collaborative law helps achieve a settlement in a more timely, cost-efficient manner, and helps prepare everyone involved for a new future.

Foley Panszi Law is committed to facilitating discussions that lead to solutions with the family’s best interest at heart.